Timing is Everything

In the real estate business there are no truer three words than timing is everything.  There are so many parties that are impacted by closing on time.  The seller that is selling their home may be buying another home.  The buyer of the new home purchase may also be selling an existing property.  There are often layers with several buyers and several sellers and sometimes the chain is three to five homes deep.  Customers typically have moving van times lined set up, or new furniture they plan to have delivered. Or one party may have to be out of a rental unit by a certain date.

Closing on time not only saves the headache of missing a closing date but also saves everyone money.  Missing or rescheduling a closing date could mean more money in earnest on the contract to appease the seller from walking about.  Changing the dates and times of moving vans or paying to have your household goods put into storage is not only going to cost you time, but will cost you money.  If you live in an apartment you will have to pay additional rent.  Selling your home before you are able to move into your new home may mean hotel costs.

Lets face it, closing on time is imperative.  Michael Frazier understands the importance of closing on time and how it impacts the customers life.  For this reason, he has put a team in place that is designed to march to your closing date on time.  Documents are collected and reviewed at the pre-qualification stage before the customer even finds a property.  If the borrower has a unique situation the loan can be reviewed and pre-approved prior to looking for homes.  Once the loan is originated it goes on the fast track with the Concierge who then thoroughly reviews all documents to ensure the next stage, loan underwriting, takes place quickly and efficiently with the least amount of borrower conditions as possible.

The goal is to close on time.  Checks and balances have been put in place to make sure that happens.  Time is everything in life, and timing is everything when closing a mortgage loan.  When you apply today you can ensure quick communication from the time you are pre-approved until you close on your new home, and then annually to ensure we are there when you need us.

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